Thursday 13 June 2013

Magnetic nail varnish

When I went on holidays last year to the US I bought two magnetic nail varnishes.

Here is one of them:

Base coat: Maybelline express manicure protecting base coat
One thin layer and one thick layer of: Sally Hansen magnetic nail color '908 Graphite Gravity'
Top coat: Maybelline express manicure quick dry protecting top coat

How does it work?

Apply a thin layer of the nail varnish and let it dry for at least 10 minutes.
Next you apply a thick layer of the rich grey nail varnish. It's important to do one finger at a time.
To get the magnetic effect you hold the magnet. which is in the cap of the nail varnish,  over your nail for ten seconds. That will create little waves and looks really pretty and unusual.
Let it dry for a good good while (like 15 minutes or more) and apply the top coat.

That's it! Done and dusted!

Remember my review of essence nail art peel off base? I updated the post today as I had to revise my opinion a little bit! Check it out

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