Monday 3 June 2013

Carrick-on-Shannon: Hen weekend

What a weekend! So much many much craziness!

We had a ball and enjoyed every single bit of it!

After arriving Friday afternoon, we unpacked, filled the fridge with essentials (Alcohol and bread) and headed out for a dinner at a pub across the road.

Back in the apartment (which was gorgeous with waterfront and all) we had a girls night in. 

On Saturday we headed out for our activity, which was Boda Borg. We split up in teams of four and tried to solve as many quests as possible. After two hours (which flew by because we had so much fun) we found out that we were the winning team with five solved quests! Wohooo!

I paid the win with bruises on my knees, my hip and an aching body! But, never mind. It was absolutely worth it....I can truly recommend this much fun!

Back in the apartment we all got glammed up and headed out for dinner at the Oarsman. We had a gorgeous three course meal with lovely wine. Really wasn't expecting that level of fine dining. They do some really really good food there. (I didn't have dessert because of my low carb diet, but the other girls assured me that it was fantastic)

Everybody loved my sewed Pin Up Style dress and so did I

The rest of the night was spent by going from pub to pub and ended in a club, where we had a VIP area reserved. 
Truly was a night to remember! 

I got home Sunday afternoon and was finally able to meet the newest addition of our family, which is Bear.
Bear was left beside the road on its own and is in a pretty bad condition. A charity organisation was taking care of him until he joined us on Saturday.
He will need lots of attention and love to become a happy doggy again. Can't believe somebody would do that to such a lovely soul.

He needs to loose some weight and his coat is in an awful state. Bear will need some time to learn to trust us and Abby and him will need time to get used to each other.

Makes me cry when I look into his eyes. You can see he didn't have a nice and happy life so far. But of course, that is gonna change big time :-)

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