Saturday 29 June 2013

Hair extensions by Issonni

My hair has been kinda short since more than ten years (I am getting really old *dislike*)

I was craving for long hair since a good while, but I knew I would never achieve it by just letting it grow. Hair extensions was the answer to my troubles!

There are a lot of options and methods out there to get long hair within hours. I found Emilia, who runs Issonni and offers all kinds of extensions which do not involve glue. That sounded perfect to me as my plan is to let my hair grow while I am wearing the extensions. In theory my own hair should be long in about a year and I won't need the extensions anymore.

My extensions last for about 12 weeks at a time. Once the 12 weeks are over I have to go back to Emilia, get the extensions taken out and reattached.
The hair is kinda sewed to microbeads which are spread around my head. I have four layers of real human hair. The lowest layer is straight hair and the rest is wavy, just like my own hair.
The pictures below show the hair after Emilia straightened them to see how the finished product looks.

The whole procedure took 2 hours and cost 440Euro. Yes, I's a lot of money, but I am totally happy with it and the reapplying of the hair in 12 weeks will be much cheaper as the hair can be reused.

I am totally amazed how perfectly the colour was matched to my own and also how close the texture is to my hair. I watched it for the first time yesterday so I was able to see the waves in my new hair. My friends and colleagues love my new look and some are actually asking me how my hair was able to grow so fast....LOL

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but I took them with my IPhone.

Hope you like my new hair do :-)

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