Thursday 27 June 2013

Berlin - Part II: East Side Gallery

The Berlin wall, which parted Germany, fell during the night to the 9th November 1989. Back then I was nine years old and I can actually remember it very well.
I was getting ready for school and had the TV turned on. The news were on and I saw pictures of thousands of people standing on the wall, walking the streets of both sides of the wall and the eastern German army giving up on trying to keep the people of the east in their part of the city.
There were strangers hugging each other as if they have been friends forever, sharing tears of joy, because Germany was one again.

In most parts of Berlin you can't see that this city was once divided into two. There are only a few bits and pieces of the wall still in the city.
The largest stretch is the East Side Gallery. The street (east) facing side of the wall has been painted by many many artists showing their understanding of the peaceful revolution which took place in Germany in 1989.
The western side of the wall was already painted, well....let's say sprayed, as the people from the west were always able to walk right up to the wall. That wasn't possible in the East as a 'death zone' was leading up the last meters to the wall.

Here are a few pictures of the East Side Gallery:

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