Wednesday 15 May 2013

New App: Fitocracy

I am REALLY really not a sports person, but I have a dress to fit in!
After loosing a lot of wait (25kg) with weight watchers, followed by a low carb diet I put back on 5kg. I really need to get rid of them, since summer is around the corner and I bought the most gorgeous dress for a wedding I will attend in early August.

My new fitness routine involves brisk walks with little Miss Abby, sessions on the exercise bike and Operation Transformation workouts (link 1link 2, link 3)

Started logging my exercise achievements in Excel, but as a true INerd I knew that there would have to be an app for that and that that app would be much more fun than a boring spreadsheet!

Fitocracy is my app of choice and it is not just a tool to log your workouts its also a community!
You can share the points you earn with every exercise and other people can give you probs.
Of course you can share everything also on facebook, twitter or tumblr.

On top of that you can accept quests, join groups look at leadership boards (not that I ever would be on one of them)  and you level up over the time.

All in all a good app which brings additional fun to working out.


  1. I also started weight watchers a year ago and and have lost 13 kg so far :-) I'm still doing it. this is just a good opportunity to change bad habits and live healthier

    good luck! 25 kg are awesome

    1. Thank you and Great Job Tamina! Keep up the good work!