Monday 20 May 2013

DIY: Easy T-Shirt skirt

As you know I lost a lot of weight over the last nearly two years.

I always loved buying T-Shirts when I was on holidays or the odd slogan shirt. Most of them are far too big now. So I ended up with a high number of T-Shirts I can not wear anymore. Of course I also didn't want to throw them away since they are memories of good times.
They were sitting in my wardrobe and waiting for something to be done with them.

Finally I came up with an idea. Inspired by several DIY projects like the upcycled T-Shirt scarf I decided it was finally time to give my old T-Shirts a new life.
Instead of sewing a scarf I decided to do a skirt out of them.

I started by cutting the print of the Shirts into squares. Start with the biggest print and take that as your measurement for all other T-Shirts. It's not an exact science. I basically cut the first piece and put it on top of the other T-Shirts to get about the same size.

Red is my fav colour so I ended up with six pieces in different red shades which were enough to make a skirt.

The first step is to sew three pieces together. I did the same with the other three pieces and finally joined the two stripes of T-Shirts. Next sew it together to have a tube. The good thing about T-Shirt fabric is that you don't have to worry about a hem. I just did a zig zag stitch all around the bottom hem. (Use zig zag for all your sewing to have a stretchy stitch.

Fold the top hem to have a canal to put the elastic band in (leave an opening of a few cm to insert the elastic band). Use a security pin to insert the elastic band and tie a knot. THAT's it! T-Shirt skirt full of memories done!
All together I needed about an hour. I will do another one with the other T-Shirt pieces too! They make a great holiday skirt. If you fancy you can wear them as a tube top or even make a tube dress out of them! Get creative! It's so easy!

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