Friday 24 May 2013

DIY: Pin Up Dress - Weekend challenge

I will be going to a Hen weekend next weekend and I was struggling to find a dress to wear. There is one in my wardrobe which would be ok, but of course a new dress would be really nice.

Looking for easy sewing patterns I found this pattern for a Pin up Dress (sorry guys, it is in German). Bought a lovely red and white polka dot fabric the other day which would actually suit the dress nicely.

So I decided to make this dress my weekend project. It is my first attempt ever to make a dress and also to sew in a zipper. Please cross your fingers and stay tuned tomorrow. Hopefully I will be back in the afternoon/evening with some sort of success message!

By the way, I bought the fabric at Ikea. It is a nice cotton fabric and I have to admit that I am totally obsessed with polka dots. I own dresses, skirts, shirts, cardigans and all sorts with different kind of polka dots.
Buying the fabric at Ikea might be a bit odd when you first think about it, but there is just no nice fabric shop around the corner. If this dress is gonna be a success I will be starting to buy fabrics online, but for sewing the odd skirt it wasn't worth it up to now.

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