Monday 13 May 2013

Cherry Bakewell cake

So I decided to started blogging again.
I really loved my old blog, which kept my family and friends updated about my backpacker life in Australia.

No, I am not going travelling again, but hey.....why not share my day to day adventures with the world?
My plan is to blog about baking, knitting, sewing, my dog, and whatever crosses my mind.

One of my colleagues is flying back to the US tomorrow to get married. That seemed like a perfect occasion to bring in one of my cakes....of course! What else would you do?!

The cake of choice was a  Cherry Bakewell Cake. Found the recipe in one of my fav IPad apps, which is BBC Good Food.
Pretty much followed the recipe, but decided to make the top half a little smaller than the bottom half.
Since I didn't have any cherry jam at home, I opted for a tin of cherries which i thickened with a little milk, sugar and custard powder. Also added a bit of Rum for a little naughty twist.

The third picture is not the best...this is how a cake looks like when you let a man cut it!
Anyway, the cake disappeared in no time and everybody enjoyed it. Perfect start to another busy week.


  1. that really looks sooooo yum! very creamy looking :)


  2. Thanks Natalie! It was really good....defo gonna bake it again! Hope you gonna try it out too!